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Six Flags Over Texas Opens Up for the 2017 Season

Are you looking to have some fun this spring? Be sure to visit Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. The amusement park is set to officially open its gates for the 2017 season on Saturday, Feb. 25, welcoming thrill seekers from all across North Texas.


2017 RDX Lands at Vandergriff Acura

The latest 2017 Acura RDX is now on sale at Vandergriff Acura in Arlington. Compact, stylish and fuel-efficient, the small, luxury SUV is a top pick on the market and beloved by Acura fans across the country.


VIDEO: NSX Owners to Receive Custom Films Linked to Models

Buyers of the brand-new Acura NSX will now each receive a customized film, highlighting the origin of their unique supercar.